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DJ Andrew McClelland

Spectacular DJing, MCing and Comedy since 2005.

Cher's Official support act for her 2018 Aus/NZ Tour.

Head DJ of Time Out Melbourne's number 1 club night

Mr McClelland's Finishing School.

Playing Lunchtunes on Twitch every Tues-Fri, 1-2pm AEST.

Andrew McClelland is a very fine party DJ. He's played thousands of gigs at events, awards ceremonies, clubs and weddings all over the world. But he hasn't let that go to his head.
Andrew listens to a huge amount of different music plays for the crowd. Your crowd.
He DJs. He Dances. He MCs and he is an award winning comedian. You won't be disappointed.

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Unsolicited Wedding DJing Testimonials

People felt compelled to say:

"I wanted to say thanks on behalf of MIFF for your fantastic set on our Opening Night – I’ve had so many people tell me what a brilliant night out they had on the dance floor."

Amber Sloan - General Manager, Melbourne International Film Festival.

"Thanks again for being an amazing DJ last night!
Your tunes were unreal and got the crowd pumping... very impressed.
With over 300 strong crowd, it is fair to say everyone had a blast."

Elise Bucholtz, Time Out Australia.

"You truly went above and beyond and I'm really grateful - thank you for helping everything go so seamlessly!

Please let me know if there is anywhere I can write a testimonial or the like for you - happy to do so."

(I'm happy to help Zoe.)

Zoe G-W

"Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and positive vibes. I loved that you were able to make us all dance! Nobody has ever gotten our fashion festival crowd dancing before.”

Yunuen Perez, Events Coordinator, National Gallery of Victoria.

"We had a sensational evening. 
Thank you so much for your energy, we’ve had amazing feedback."

Josh Carey - The Empire Club

"As always you were fantastic and will no doubt be the talking point among our guests for years to come."

Briony and Matt A

Where have I seen him play?

Hello Andrew here,

I've played the centre-piece parties for the Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne and Sydney Taste Festival, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Time Out Magazine Sydney and Melbourne Awards, St Kilda Film Festival and more. I've also also DJ'd events and clubs in the UK, South East Asia, NZ and around Australia. It's been bloody delightful.

I have my own club night called 'Mr. McClelland's Finishing School' which ran for 9 years at the Trades Hall in Melbourne and never failed to have a line out the door. It was Melbourne 'Time Out' Magazine's top listed night club and the feature club of their first issue.


What does he play?

My signature style is my energetic presentation of the music. That is, I dance whilst I'm DJing. I really get in to the music (to be frank, I don't know how some other DJs just stand there whilst they're playing) and I find that my own enthusiasm for the music then rubs off on to the crowd.

I don't really have a 'set' as every night I just bring a huge amount of music and go where the crowd takes me. I cater to the crowd exclusively and  play all kinds of pop music. Everything from the 50s to today and most of the genres that splinter off that. From Elvis to The Supremes to The Beatles to The Bee Gees to Donna Summer to Bowie to Prince to The Cure to Pulp to Britney to The Spice Girls to Kanye West to Justin Timberlake to Hall & Oates to Beyonce to Daft Punk to The Weeknd to DJ Snake to Phoenix to The Clash and all in between. I can of course tailor things in any direction you may prefer.

I will work damn hard to ensure

that you guys have an amazing party.

What does he do?

For the dance floor to get your party going.

Yep. Please contact Andrew for bookings.

Andrew's enthusiasm, professionalism at the mic and love of dressing well have left him in high demand for wedding and corporate MCing.


We're not too fancy here, just email me and let's start talking about making a brilliant night of it.

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